Sunday, November 28, 2010

What the fuck happened last night.

CW: 164

Oh my god...So last night I drank with my boyfriend, his brother, and our friends. I woke up in my bed didn't remember anything...hahaha. Look down, I'm wearing my boyfriend's clothes. My hands smell like vomit. What the fuck where are my clothes?? What the fuck happened last night?? Did I throw up?? I don't remember anything. Call my boyfriend, he's like you puked in my room in front of my brother. I changed your clothes in front of my brother. You got us kicked out of the hockey game. You puked on yourself and then got soaking wet trying to clean it. OMG. One good thing came out of this, I'm past my first goal weight!! Isn't that so fucked up that the first thing I did after I found out that I puked was weigh myself..I should probably shower. And wash my clothes. I'm sooo embarrassed to face his brother oh wow. I'm such a mess. That's the only time I've gotten that wasted at uni and of course it has to be when he's here! I have to drive him later today so that's great. SUCH A MESS. It's slightly funny but super humiliating at the same time. My leg hurts. I think I'm still a tad drunk. AHHHHH. At least I was 9 pounds lighter when his brother saw me almost naked I guess. Fuck. 

My inspiring pics of the day go to the amazing Audrey Hepburn. So gorgeous and tiny and elegant :) I'm gonna go shower and eat some toast.


  1. Can't we be optimists instead of disordered when we cheer the weight loss from getting sick?

    Oh, Audrey. I didn't want to like her because everyone does, it's a hipster cliche. Watching "The Nun's Story" and "The Children's Hour" changed my mind quickly.

  2. we all have fucked up nights...its fine
    and hey... you lost weight, so something good did come out of it....

    just tell his bro that this never happens haha

    Love yaaa

  3. Oh gosh girl Lol glad you're okay though!
    And the weight is definitely a huge plus (:
    Amazing thinspo pictures! The one with the oven is perfectt!