Friday, November 26, 2010

It feels like Christmas!

CW: 167

It's been snowing here and I'm totally starting to get excited for Christmas :) I woke up one morning and everything was covered in white, it was so pretty! I immediately started downloading Christmas music lol. But then you have to go outside in it and you almost freeze your ass off. I still love it though. I love being in my cozy little room and looking out at the snow falling.

So my scale is kind of unreliable. But I've been weighing myself in my dorm room, which is carpeted, and I know that doesn't work very well. I'm always nervous that I'm going to see someone if I carry it across the hall to the bathroom though lol. It would be kind of awkward to run into someone as I'm carrying my scale.. If I weight myself in one spot in my room it will say one thing, then if I move it I'll get a different number :/ It's really annoying but I know I'm losing, so that's good. Today I weigh either 167 or 166, but I went with 167 just to be safe. 

I'm going home in 14 days and I really want to be 163 or less by then (that will be a 10 lb loss!). That way hopefully people (my mom) will notice that I've lost weight and not force me to eat crap food. Usually she's pretty supportive of me losing weight but when I got down to my lowest, 101, she asked me if I was throwing up...But I think that she'll make relatively healthy stuff if she sees that I'm trying to lose. I've been good with food lately, my only junk food has been a cup of chocolate milk (170 cal) after dinner last night. It totally gets rid of my sweets cravings though, and it's relatively low cal compared to the cookie or chocolate bar I wanted to eat. I've also been doing some exercises in my room, my abs are super sore today. My boyfriend said once the weather gets better he's going to start going for runs. I'm going to try to go with him even though I'll be slow and I hate running. He's gained 10-20 lbs since we've been here but it barely shows because he's 6'1. And we usually play tennis when the weather is nice too, so that should burn some major calories. Hopefully my weight doesn't plateau before it gets warm enough to exercise.

Only a week left of classes!! I can't wait for it to be over. I hate like half of the classes I'm taking this semester and I really want to be done with them. I still have finals after that but I have quite a bit of time to study so I should be fine. I have to get ready for class but I'll try to post tomorrow if I have time. Oh and I decided I'm going to drink on Saturday night so wish me luck with trying not to pig out while I'm drunk!

Today's pics are of Victoria's Secret Model Adriana Lima. Hope you like them :)


  1. OMG first off I love Adrianna Lima. She is my favorite VS model. Is there a bathroom in your dorm where you can take your scale? It might have tile. Kudos for being brave enough to get on the scale! xoxoxo

  2. You should try unsweetened almond milk and Carnation Instant Breakfast when you have a sweet tooth. More calories but more nutrients too.

    Two great holiday songs you need: "Gabriel's Message" from Sting and "Air of December" by Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians which technically has nothing to do with Christmas but fits a mood.

    Congratulations on your loss!

  3. Omg, she is gorgeous! And thanks for your last comment, I'm trying hah. Yea my scale is like 5 pounds off, so I just go by the fact that it's going down.
    I'm not sure if this is weird, but I'm super proud you haven't gone up at all, like you just keep losing, and that's amazing. Soon enough you'll be to your goal weight, I believe in you hun.

  4. wooooooooooooh those are some hot ladies! great pics