Monday, November 15, 2010


I'm back from my break! I'm not happy to be back at school but I'm excited to get back to focusing on my goals. So when I was home I went to my boyfriend's house and his parents told me that they're taking us to Hawaii for our Christmas present!! I couldn't believe it, and at first I was super excited. That is until I realized that Hawaii=beach and beach=bikini and right now I'm F-A-T. Luckily we're not going until May so I have about 6 months to not look like crap in a bathing suit. This is going to be such good motivation for me! I would not be caught dead wearing a bikini with the body I have now, I really need to lose this weight. I want to have fun in Maui and not have to be worried about my body at all. I want my boyfriend to be proud to have me by his side. But yeah I have to do this no matter what. No excuses. I want this more than anything. 

Anyways, I'm off to bed. I'll give you guys a better post tomorrow, just had to tell you the exciting news right away!


  1. hmm that's tricky...i can't say i have any experience whatsoever in the area but maybe you just need to find the spice again? haha i sound like a bad marriage coach. that trip to hawaii sounds like just the thing really :)
    sorry i'm not much of a help! xx

  2. Haha I totally know what you mean about life being a soap opera... I constantly feel that way with my friends... we always joke that we should have a reality show about us :)

    Hawaii sounds freakin awesome!! And you have a lot of time to lose weight as well :)

    You can do it!! Good luck!!

  3. oh my GOSH, girl! That is like the best news everrrr, so jealous of this amazing trip!! And 6 months is enough time to totally reshape your body for sure, aaah the threat of bikini-wearing is the greatest motivator there is!

  4. That is an awesome x-mas present. Vacations are amazing motivation too and you have plenty of time to get the results you want. You can so do this.