Thursday, November 18, 2010

A good day

CW: 171 lbs

Today was a pretty good day :) I woke up 2 pounds lighter, got an awesome mark on my economics exam, and talked to this really cute guy when I was walking back from class. No I didn't forget that I have a bf, it's just nice to flirt every once in a while lol. He probably thinks I'm a fat cow anyways and was just being nice. I have a stupid English assignment due tomorrow that I haven't started yet so I should really get on that. It's so hard to be motivated when there's only a couple weeks left in the semester :/ I made a schedule for myself, so hopefully I can stick to it and get everything done in time.

B:Banana (95)
L: Pita and hummus (200)
Orange (65)
D: 1 cup mac and cheese (400)
T: 760 cal

Sorry for the short post but I really need to get to work on my English assignment! And my pics of the day go to Megan Fox. She's one of my favorites; sexy, slim, and all the boys want her ;)


  1. Meagan Fox is my absolute favorite!!!
    She makes me wanna go buy a motorcycle and get a tattoo : P
    I like your blog too, good luck babe!

  2. Woah, her tatoos are so dope, I've never seen them before...
    Woop woop for good days =]
    Good luck with your English thing.
    Your random new follower =]