Monday, November 15, 2010

24 weeks!

That's how long I have until Hawaii! I'm feeling pretty good about it because if I lose 2.5 lbs per week I will have lost 60 lbs!! That would put me somewhere close to 100 which would make me the happiest girl in Maui :) I think I can do it, or at least get somewhere close to that. Wish me luck girls!

Thanks for the lovely comments girls, they make my day :) School is super busy right now, I don't know how I'm going to get everything done in the 3 weeks left in this semester! But I've decided that I'm going to start getting up at 7 everyday, instead of sleeping until half an hour before my class starts haha. I'm hoping that will help me stop procrastinating, and make me get stuff done in the morning to reduce my stress in the day. I'll let you know how I do!

B: Nothing

L: 1.5 cups carrot and ginger soup (175 cal)
4 crackers (48 cal)
1 small banana (100 cal)

D: Veggie stir fry (100 cal)
1 cup brown rice (218 cal)
6 prawns (50 cal)

T:691 cal

I find that breakfast is the easiest meal to skip because I usually don't have time to eat before class anyways. But I heard that it's bad to skip breakfast because it slows down your metabolism for the day. So maybe I should be having a piece of fruit to start the day? What do you guys think?

So in honor of the start of my beach body transformation, I decided to post some before and after celebrity pics. I know what I'd rather look like...


  1. omg that fat pic of mischa barton is shocking!!!! she's actually big. the others look heavier but kind of normal at least...mischa actually looks fat. wow.
    i do exactly the same - most of my uni classes start at 10 so i wake up at 9:30 and skip breakfast. i would rather the sleep! but i think it may be a good idea to have some fruit in the morning, just to kick things off.
    stay strong x

  2. SUCH great thinspo, thanks hun! omg when Jessica Simpson was on the finale of project runway this year i couldn't even listen to a word she was saying because she's SO big!!

    You should have a large green tea for breakfast, that way you'll put something in your stomach (0 cal!) and green tea revs up your metabolism & has antioxidants! :D