Friday, November 19, 2010

Finally it's Friday

CW: 170.5

I'm absolutely exhausted. School is really taking it out of me, I just want to sleep for days. But unfortunately that is not an option because there's still tons of work to be done. I cannot wait until Christmas break (3 weeks off!) but on the other hand, Christmas=lots of food. I still need to keep losing over the break if I'm going to be ready for a bikini in time so I'm going to have to resist. It sucks because I make the most amazing gingerbread cookies :( Oh well, it's not worth having to walk around in a bathing suit with all my fat hanging out. 

I think me and the boyfriend are gonna go see a movie tonight. No delicious, buttery popcorn for me. I'll settle for a lower number on the scale tomorrow, that will be much more satisfying. I wish I had someone to do this with me, a friend to lose weight with. It would make it so much easier to have someone there to talk me down when I just want to stuff my face with any food I can grab.

B: Nothing (I know I'm bad, I just didn't have time!)
L: 1 cup butternut squash soup (100)
4 crackers (48)
Small banana (95)
D: Veggie Burger (500)
Orange (62)
Non-fat caramel machiato (140)

T: 945 cal

I chose Blake Lively for today's pics because she is absolutely gorgeous and she just got named Vogue's best dressed woman of 2010!


  1. so beautiful - love the photos :) x

  2. Nice intake!!

    It's weird... I always lose weight over break! That's what i'm banking on this year! lol

    Love blake livley :)

  3. I really love your daily picture devotions, they're AWESOME!
    Also, love your header picture, I don't know if it was always there, but I decided to comment on it now.
    I also wish I had a friend in real life to go through this with me...

  4. thanks for the comment :] i love your blog!!!
    you will deff be ready for bikini time, keep your mind to it and stay strong!! <3

  5. Gahh... Blake Lively is beautiful.
    It WOULD be so fun to have a friend to lose weight with. I don't think any of my friends know about my lifestyle so... I'm on my own :(
    At least we can all do this together, even apart.

  6. Luckily I have someone to walk through this crazy lifestyle with, but don't feel alone. We're all here to help eachother, that's why we all decided to start off here. Whenever you need talking down, know that we're all waiting for a post, hoping that you've lost, so we can all be happy and skinny together.
    Much love, you are strong