Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jello Shots.

So first off I'm so excited!! I have a few followers! Thanks so much for deciding to follow my blog, it means a lot that there are people out there that want to support me on my journey. Okay so enough of the mushy stuff. Yesterday was fine, for my first day. I wasn't feeling super hungry and if I had just had a quiet night in, then I would have been able to end the night with the grilled cheese (I know, not a "skinny girl" food but I don't have a lot of options in the caf). That amount of calories would have been a vast improvement from what I usually eat so I was pretty happy. But then came the jello shots...

I have to stop drinking on weekends because getting drunk inevitably leads to a ton of calories and eating crap food. I had about 4 jello shots and a few coolers...then my boyfriend ordered pizza for everyone. Sweet. I was pretty wasted, wasn't thinking of my diet at all, and I think we all know how this ends. Badly. 

But I think as long as I can stay sober I won't have a problem sticking to my plan. I'm pretty fucking motivated to lose this weight. I'm done being fat. End of story. 

So I think, to start, I'm going to try and stay around 900 cal a day and then work my way down. If I start restricting too much then I'm going to get too hungry and I'm gonna fail. I've been eating so much for so long, I need to let my body get used to a small amount of food slowly. Oh and I'm going to try and get my shopping list covered today, having a scale makes it a lot easier for me to stick to my food restrictions. Having to face that number in the morning is enough to scare me away from junk food...

B: Nothing
L: Fat free yogurt (140 cal)
Kiwi (45 cal)
Small bowl of cereal (200 cal)
D: Sandwich (450 cal)

T: 835 cal

Anyways, my inspiration for the day is the original waif herself, Kate Moss. She's gorgeous, glamorous, and skinny-everything I'm going to be one day. 


  1. i love these photos of kate!
    omg when i saw the title of your post i got so excited :) drunkenness is on my mind haha...nobody has been going out because exams start next week but i can't wait till they're finished! i always get so hungry and pig out after going on a bender - it's pretty bad. especially coz there's a maccas right opposite the club we frequent!
    your idea about starting at 900 and working your way down and the reasoning behind it is very sound. i try to do that too but then i keep screwing up and my goal dates get nearer and i'm forced to aim for really low daily intakes to meet them. but then i never do. *sigh*
    stay strong x

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    Good luck with starting out and everything :)
    We are all here to support you!!!