Thursday, August 25, 2011

So Chic.

CW: 162.6

So I'm writing to you guys from my favorite hotel in the city, counting down the hours until I get to see my boyfriend again (less than 24 hours) and pretty much loving life. The boutique hotel that I'm staying at is gorgeous, all antiques and beautiful bed linens. So chic. I majorly splurged (as far as calories) on dinner with my family but I have to say it was absolutely worth it. We went to the hotel restaurant and it was one of the best meals of my life. I'm feeling only slightly worried about the weight I'm going to gain over the weekend because I have a week and half before school starts to go hard at the gym and count calories again. It was just one of those meals that you can't really feel bad about eating because it was so damn good. It's not like ordering a greasy pizza and eating the whole thing yourself, although I'm sure the calories are pretty close lol. It's hard to feel bad about a baby spinach salad with blue cheese and pear, pan-seared scallops with green onion and lemon risotto, and dark chocolate ganache torte. Divine. And I didn't stuff myself either. I ate the whole salad because it was amazingg, but left some of the risotto and a bit of my dessert. It felt almost normal..besides the voice in the back of my head telling me how many workouts it's going to take to get off the weight I'm sure to have gained. But I pushed that aside and really enjoyed the meal and time with my family. 

Tomorrow I'm going to be walking around downtown shopping all day and I'm going to try to just have coffee, and some fruit and yoghurt. Then tomorrow night is dinner out again but the restaurant we're going to has some healthy options on the menu which I am going to stick to. I just have to keep telling myself that I will be able to get the weight off (plus a bit more I hope) before school starts. I'm going to try and enjoy the weekend with my family and my boyfriend before getting back down to business. For once I'm going to try and keep the crazy food obsessed thoughts at bay. I'll let you girls know how my shopping day goes tomorrow! 



  1. the dinner sounds scrumptious :-) have a great weekend! i love how positive you are! keep it up!

  2. Ugh god, I so get why that Audrey picture was in the post. Please please don't deny yourself that risotto later, because it sounds like heaven. Honestly, using those extra calories on a fancy meal is so much better than using them on a binge later, am I right?

    I hope you have a great vacation time, you deserve some happy right now :)Thanks also so my birthday wish doll, made my day.

  3. I love happy posts like this! :)
    Think about all the walking youre gonna be doing tomorrow! dont you dare to take a cab hahaha, what better way to burn those carbs than walking around shopping! Im jealous now! I love shopping more than anything in the world.

    stay strong and stick to the healthy meals when u have dinner out. But most important, enjoy the time with your bf and family :)

  4. It's So hard for me to go out and enjoy a meal now in life... It's always wow-that-was-amazing-now-I-have-to-go-purge. I envy you.
    And enjoy your time with your BF!