Thursday, August 18, 2011

Slow and Steady.

CW: 164.2

I'm still losing, slow and steady. I'm sure I won't make it to the 150's in the next week but I'm proud of how I've done. I really don't care how long this takes, I just need to keep heading in the right direction. I will lose this weight. I will be the tiny, cute girl I want to be. I will love my body and myself. Just keep going. 11.4 lbs down, 49.2 to go. 

I'm getting really excited/anxious to see my boyfriend. I can't even explain the feeling. It's getting so close the the date that I'm aching to see him. I cannot wait for our first night together in our new place. Ugh after 3 months apart you'd think a week would be easy, but it's going so slow. 

I tried on my jeans yesterday (size 12) and was happy to see that they are loose. I'm really hoping that I will be able to fit into a size 10 by next Friday when I got back to school shopping. I just really don't want to buy anything in a size 12 ever again!

Question of the Day: What item of clothing are you excited to look great in once you reach your goal weight?

A: For me, a big one is jeans. You can kind of fake it in dresses and skirts, but the truth comes out in a fitted pair of jeans. Can't hide much there. I really just want to be able to buy a tiny size and look tiny in them. Another thing I love is pretty lingerie. I want to be able to put on a sexy little outfit for my boyfriend and feel confident in it. I want to be able to walk around our apartment in undies and a T-shirt feeling tiny and pretty.

Sorry for the overload of thinspo today..there was nothing good on TV last night haha. Stay strong lovelies <3


  1. agh lovely 'spo! Congrats on your recent loss, you are doing really well. Slow and steady is DEFINITELY the way to go- it means you are actually losing fat in a permanent way.

  2. never apologize for posting thinspo :-)
    any loss is good :-) I would love to even just have a 0.2 loss haha i have been the same for 3 days now i think... it sucks.

  3. hey! you're doing amazing :) keep your goal in mind and dont think youre not gonna reach it! you can do it!

  4. ugh, finally someone else posts sexpo! Yum yum. Congrats on the loss! I'm so happy that you don't feel that obsessive rushed attitude towards weight loss. Really, you're right: as long as it's a loss, I really don't care. It's, dare I say...healthy. ;)

  5. hiiii! answering you question of the day.... omg bikinis definitely! you can cheat with jeans and dresses, try to do that with a bikini ahahha