Saturday, August 13, 2011

13 Days Left.

CW: 166.4

There are only 13 days left until I see my boyfriend and I really want to be in the 150's by then. That's 6.5 lbs in just under 2 weeks...can I do it? So far I've lost 9.2 lbs in 16 days, so I'm just going to keep doing what I've been doing and hope for the best. I really want to see the 150's before I go back, I think it will give me motivation to keep going once I'm on my own. And I want him to notice a difference. We'll see.

Yesterday I took some "Before" pictures at 166.6 (I know that's not my starting weight but it's close enough). I've decided that I'm going to take some progress pics halfway, at 145, and then again when I reach 115. I want to be able to see how far I've come, and give myself some motivation to keep going. I will post the before and halfway pics once I reach 145.

I don't really want to spend any money on clothes until I reach my goal but I'm going to have to get a few things for back to school. I'm going to need a couple pairs of jeans (hopefully in a size 10 instead of 12), a comfy pair of flats, a couple falls sweaters and tops, and a blazer. I don't want to bum around in ugly clothes for months until I hit 115, I still want to look nice. I think I'm just going to buy a few new things when I need to along the way. Hopefully I can find some good deals  because tuition, books, a parking pass and everything else I need for school is going to cost a fortune. But I do have my eye on a pair of cute coach flats that will fit me at any weight...I'll let you know if I cave and buy them haha.

Question of the Day: What sports/activities did you pursue in school?

A: I think I mentioned before that I used to be a dancer until I quit in grade 12. I danced competitively for about 13 years and did everything from tap to ballet to hip hop. I loved it and it kept me thin for years. I put on about 40 lbs the year after I quit, and I still regret stopping. 


  1. Fantastic loss! I'm sure he'll notice a difference, it's harder to tell when you spend everyday with someone but when you've spent time apart it's easier to see weight loss. I love the dance thinspo, I'm a dancer myself although I didn't appreciate ballet until this past year, I used to curse it so much! I love the control and muscle strength you need, it's so graceful but only after blood, sweat and tears :) Pilates is excellent for getting back into dancing, well it was for me anyway. When those clothes don't fit anymore you can just sell them on ebay, that's what I do. I had loads of clothes that I sold after losing weight the first time around which was cheeky as I was still at school and officially I should have given the money to my folks but it ended up being my club/booze money for my last 2 years of high school :) xx

  2. i miss dancing sooo much... i am always wishing i didn't stop and i wish that i could get my lazy butt to do something about it but then i always get discouraged because i know i am not as good as when i left... :-( i did ballet. thanks for following!! i love the ballet thinspo it is really inspiring!! You have made such wonderful progress!! keep it up!!

  3. I too used to be a dancer and miss it!

    And good luck with the loss before boyfriend time!

  4. Good luck! You can totally make that goal :) You've come so far so quickly. Don't let anything stop you now. He will definitely notice that much of a lose, even if he doesn't say anything. I'm so proud of you :) congratss