Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why we do it.

For slim faces and collarbones.

For thighs that don't touch.
For tight, flat stomachs.

To look good naked. 
 To wear whatever the fuck we want.

 To know you're the hottest bitch in the room. 

Because failure is not an option.
I just needed to remind myself what's at stake here. Everyday is an opportunity. An opportunity to get a little bit closer to your goals, your dreams, your best self. Don't waste it. 


  1. Very motivating. Especially the last part. <3

  2. This goes so hard. Yes damn right, I want my fierce face back. Bump the bs.

    Thank you sweetie! :D

  3. Thank you i needed some inspiration <3

  4. Fantastic motivation!

    Thank you.

    Si xx