Sunday, January 9, 2011

Juice Fast

Starting today I am doing a 7 day juice fast. During the fast I only drink pure, fresh fruit/vegetable juice (not from concentrate), water, and iced/hot herbal tea. I usually go with 3-4 juices per day. If anyone wants to try it, Happy Planet makes good fruit/vegetable juices, but if you have your own juicer that is even better. The fresher, the better. And then you can choose what you want to add, experiment a little, and have some fun. And the herbal tea I usually get as a treat when I'm dying is Passion tea from Starbucks. It's sweet and fruity so you won't be tempted to add any sugar or sweeteners. Basically, this fast detoxes your body and you will find that you lose a good amount of weight, your skin will be healthier and glowing, and you won't feel as deprived as you would on a water/liquid fast. In the Happy Planet juices there are 5-8 whole pieces of fruit or vegetables per serving, so this fast is safer and healthier than a lot of fasts out there. And instead of feeling exhausted and miserable, after the first 3 days (which tend to be hell) I find that I have a lot of energy. 

So I know some of you are probably thinking that 3-4 fruit juices a day can add up to a lot of calories. But honestly don't even look. Don't even think about that, as hard as it is. I've done 10 days of this fast, someone I know has done 30 days, and you will lose a significant amount of weight. It's just mentally challenging, not so much physically. The first 3 days are hard, not going to lie, but after that your body will have cleaned out all the toxins and your digestive system basically shuts down, so you shouldn't feel super hungry. You have cravings of course but your not starving because your body is getting plenty of nutrition. I recommend having at least 1 juice that includes vegetables per day and throwing in a multivitamin if you can. This is an excellent fast for people that have never fasted before or tend to fail other fasts. I'm estimating that I'll lose around 10 pounds in the 7 days. If anyone wants to join me let me know, and we can support each other!

Technically you can do this fast for any number of days, but to get the full benefits I would recommend doing it for at least 5-7 days. The first 3 days are the hardest but after that you can really go for any amount of time. Like I said, it's usually only mentally tough after that. And I would also recommend easing back into solid foods once your fast is over so that you don't shock your body. I tend to spend 2-3 days after the fast eating only fruits, vegetables, and soups. And this is also good because you won't immediately gain back a pound or 2 of the weight you lost by filling your body up with solid foods again. Also, I don't recommend working out or doing any amount of significant exercise while fasting. 

Yeah so my guy friend that I was talking about is coming in 7 days lol. So my hope is that this fast will make me look a bit better when I see him, and help me kick start my weight loss. It's hard when you first start, and you don't see a lot of progress. That's when I tend to slip. But if I get 10 pounds off, I think I will be really motivated to keep losing. Once I start crossing off those goal weights, I know I'll want to keep doing it. I'm really excited for this, and I'll try to update you guys everyday. I'll probably weigh myself everyday while I'm on the fast, and then I've decided to do Wednesday weigh-ins after that. I know I can be successful at this, I've done it before. Just have to be mentally strong, stay busy and think long term! Don't think about the food I want to eat right now, think about the bathing suit I want to look hot in 4 months! Today I'm going to try and get a bunch of homework and errands done, and I need to go buy some juices :) Hope you guys are doing great with your new year's resolutions! 

Today's inspiring pics go to Taylor Swift. I think she's super cute and definitely skinny. Enjoy :)


  1. Ooo I'm so jealous! I wish I could juice fast =(

  2. good luck on the fast, girl! Love T.Swift<3 she is my no. 1 thinspo for sure!!