Friday, July 15, 2011

Hey Girls...

 CW: 172.6

So I'm thinking about trying this again. It didn't work for me before but maybe it will work this time? I would just get discouraged when I didn't get as much support and feedback as I was hoping for. But maybe this is what I need to get back on track. I have a gym membership. I have only healthy food around. What I need is MOTIVATION...I've done this before why can't I do it now?? And I kept it off for YEARS. Well all I can do is try again and I hope that I still have a few people that will support me along the way.

I'm sure I've missed so much in your lives. For that I'm sorry. Me? You haven't missed much. Finished my first year of university and did pretty well. Still with my boyfriend of 3 years, we're moving in together in September. Still the same size. I'm officially going to stop using the word FAT...well any negative words in general. I need to be positive and not so hard on myself. Losing weight is hard. It might take a lot longer than I want it to. But as long as I'm making positive choices in my life and going in the right direction towards a better life, I'm going to try and be proud of myself. Look in the mirror and LOVE myself. Well, I'm going to try. The funny thing is that even when I was tiny and everyone was telling me how great I looked, I never felt thin. I never felt good about myself. I want to change that. Every pound I lose, I'm going to try and give myself the credit I deserve for losing it. One pound at a time.

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  1. I'm SO excited you are back! I just got back too haha I hope you'll stay for good.. it sounds like you have all the essentials for losing weight((: As do I, so lets do this okay? We'll feel so great when we finally get done!((: