Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weigh In

CW: 157.6

I'm pretty happy with that number at the moment. At one point this summer I was up to 163 so it feels good to be back in the 150s. I've been eating healthy and walking this big hill with my mom a few times a week. I'm excited to get home and back to friends and my nice gym and freedom. I've loved spending time with my mom but I need to go out and have some fun. And I'm sick of working full time. 

My ex and I have been texting a bit and it's making things a little easier. Maybe we can be friends? He offered to pick me up from the airport when I fly home at the end of the summer so hopefully that works out and I can save the cab fare. And if it does work out, I need to look thinner and hotter than when he last saw me. So let's talk goals...

GW1: 145 by September 4 (when I start school)
GW2: 130 by October 31, 
GW3: 120 by Christmas break

Other goals:
-make some new friends and strengthen my relationships with old ones
-take a dance class
-get some cute house stuff for my apartment
-get all A+'s and A's again this semester
-don't skip any classes
-get a part time job
-whiten my teeth
-gym at least 5 days a week (every morning before class)
-get enough sleep
-take better care of myself in general (skin, hair, nails, teeth, body)

That gives me about 5 months to lose 37.6 lbs. I think that's totally doable. The first goal might be a little hard to hit, 12.6 in a little over a month, but I'm going to try. I really want to get some cute clothes for going back to school but I'm not going to until I hit my goal. 

My mom's current boyfriend bought her and I a day at the spa, so that should be fun! We both get to have a manicure, pedicure, facial, massage and sauna. That will be such a nice way to wrap up the summer. Now for some inspiration to keep us all motivated. 
Do it for short shorts <3

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